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Villa Montececeri

Discover our Historic Villa

The property stands on the slopes of Montececeri where, according to archive documents, Leonardo da Vinci possessed an olive grove and where he made his first attempts at manned flight. This is a private Estate and Villa which is entirely closed off by a high wall enclosing 16 hectares. The large wood of pines, cypresses, oaks ilexes, mulberries, juniper, wild orchids, cyclamens, anemones, and musk rose live in harmony with porcupines, foxes, tortoises, hedgehogs, squirrels and badgers.

The land comprises a small farm that produces olive oil and wine. In the 1950s the architect Pier Niccolò Berardi planned the layout of an English garden and the pool carved from the living rock.

The villa was built in the early nineteenth Century while the other farm buildings date to the 14th Century.

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