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Since the 1960's, Azienda Agricola Montececeri has been producing Traditional Tuscan organic olive oil and natural wines high above Florence, in Fiesole. We are a family-operated private estate passionate about serving our guests and customers with the great taste and quality they’ve come to expect from authentic Tuscan wines and olive oil. With a curated selection of signature products, we’re the perfect option for your upcoming private event, party, or a quiet evening at home.

In order to ensure the highest industry standards, our grapes and olives trees are lovingly tended from the start of the growing season, and treated carefully so as to prevent bruising. Our production equipment is top-of-the-line, and all of our bottles are made from environmentally-friendly glass.

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About Montececeri

Pietra Serena and Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine

Monte Ceceri was named for the swans that once frequented the area, whose plumage included spots on their backs that, to the local Florentines, looked like chickpeas (the word for which is ceceri in the Florentine dialect,  and ceci in Italian).

Montececeri is famous for its Pietra  Serena quarries which were exploited for stone to be used in all the important buildings in Fiesole like the Roman Theatre, the Etruscan tombs, the Badia Fiesolana, the Cathedral and in the 15th Century by the great Florence artists such as Brunelleschi, Vasari, Michelangelo, Cellini for the prestigious monuments.

The ruins of some quarries and even some of the miners' huts are still present today along with several surviving necropolis.

From the top of our hill, one can have a panoramic view of the city of Florence and the surrounding hills of the Arno river.  

Montececeri is the location where one of the most famous myths about Leonardo da Vinci takes place: from here Leonardo in 1506 would have tested one of his flying machines.

In this narration the pilot would have been Tommaso Masini, known as Zoroastro da Peretola, one of Leonardo's collaborators

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